The School of Fun

This is the time of year when there are two groups of people in Ireland.  Hysterically happy parents at the thought of their children going back to school and hysterically sad school kids at the thought of going back to school.  The summer is over and we go off to try and get books and uniforms sorted as the thought of rising before noon starts to hit home for the youth of Ireland.

At PartyWorld we know how you feel but unfortunately we can’t help on the uniforms side of things unless you want to get expelled on day one for not wearing appropriate clothing by wearing something like our Hen Part Geek costume.
Hen Party Geek Kit

Hen Party Geek Kit

For Parents you can perhaps wear a party costume to show how glad you are but that might not go down too well with the school bound youngsters. The only advice we can give the youth of Ireland is to grin and bear it and for the Mums and Dads to enjoy the new freedom but there is homework coming down the line so don’t  enjoy the moment too much.

On a more serious note for those kids who are going to school for the first time it can be a hugely tiring experience so why not have a little tea party in the house for junior when he or she gets home with a few cakes a drink and a nice table cloth with some cups and accessories to cheer them up so the trauma of that first day away from Mum and Dad isn’t too bad.

This little legs and minds can be exhausted so associate a bit of fun with it. Try it out with the older ones if you wish but it won’t go down as well we suspect.

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