Evil Entity Halloween Prop

Evil Entity Halloween prop available to buy here www.partyworld.ie/Evil-Entity-Halloween-Prop/6630B/


Evil Entity Halloween Prop Features:

  • The Evil Entity animated prop stands at 178cm tall with a metal frame, light up molded plastic head and chest with matching molded hands. This Evil Entity is drapped in tattered and shredded ghostly fabric and has a motor.
  • Simpy plug the AC adapter into any standard outlet and watch in horror as he slowly moves the torso at the shoulders in a figure eight motion.
  • The head and chest illuminate with a bluish ghostly glow.
  • Sounds include two rotating creepy sounds on a constant loop and two continuous phrases which say ” Come to me…. you cannot hide from me… your soul is mine….. and i will find you… don’t look back leave!

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