Cutting a zombie in half doesn’t mean that you have taken care of the creature in fact now you’ve just created a crawler. This crawler zombie is a good reminder that a zombie without legs is still a terrifying threat just on a whole different level.
Our Clwaing Corpse Halloween Decor features an animated half torso character that looks like it is trying to claw its way to attack you. His head and hands are made of rigid PVC and has light up eyes and sounds with moving arms, head and mouth. The crawler has a tattered worn top and is attached to a sturdy metal frame with a motor. Infrared sensor activation, has a volume control and includes a step here pad. Functions include steady on, try me, and sensor mode.
Quantity Per Pack:
– 1 Clawing Corpse Halloween Prop.
– 13 inches by 45 inches by 28 inches.
If your looking for something truly ghoulish to decorate with, look no further then these Halloween Props. Make your graveyard scene horrific by adding some zombie Halloween Decorations into the mix. PartyWorld carries a variety of Cheap Halloween Decorations and Halloween Supplies both online and in our Halloween Shop.

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