Top Kids Party Games

1. Pinata Party Game


The Pinata Party Game is the perfect game to start the party. for your little princess. Fill the Pinata with sweets and party favors for a fun party game. All your party guests will love to take a swing at the Pinata to release the hidden surprises inside.

2. Red Rover

red rover game

On your marks, the players all run towards the other player. That player tries to catch someone. If they succeed they must join hands with that person. All the other players returning to the starting point and they go again. The two person chain must try and catch someone and when they do they make a three person chain. The game continues in this manner until there is only one person left.

3. Musical Chairs

musical chairs

Turn the music on and let the children move around, jump and dance. When the music stops the children must sit down on the Chair as soon as possible. The last one to get their bottom on the chair is out. Turn the music on and repeat until there is only one player left.

4. Pass The Parcel

pass the parcel

Wrap the presents in a layer of wrapping paper, and then another layer and another and another. Sit the children in a circle and hand one present to a child. Start the music and get the children to pass the parcel around the circle. When the music stops the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap a level of wrapping paper. The child who unwraps the last layer of paper gets to keep the present. Repeat this with a number of presents.

5. Blind Man Penalty Shoot Out

blind penalty

One player at a time has a shot at scoring a goal…but there’s a catch! The player (who is standing 5-6 steps away from the ball) is blindfolded and spun around a few times before being allowed to take a shot at the goal. It can be quite funny to see the player take multiple kicks at the air before they manage to hit the ball! Place a time limit on a players turn, the winner is whoever scores a goal (or the most goals if your players are pretty good at it!)

6. Musical Statues


Start the music and the children dance and move around until the music stops. When it stops the children must freeze. The first child to move is out. Repeat this until only one child is left.

7. Butt Burst

balloon burst

A chair and a balloon for each child that is playing is needed. All chairs are placed in a row with a balloon on top of each one. Tie the balloons to the chair to stop them blowing off. Children line up facing the chairs but some distance away. On the whistle, the children run to a chair facing them. They each must try to burst the balloon using only their body weight. When they have burst their balloon they must race back to the starting point, first one back is the winner.

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