Top 10 Kids Superhero Costumes for Halloween

Your kids will love these great superhero costumes. They’ve watched them on TV and seen them on the big screen and now, they can become their hero!Popular superheroes include Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Super Girl and many more. When you make your order online before 3:30pm you will receive your items the next working day. Any questions? Then call our helpful team on +353 51 334 602.

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Transform into any of your favourite comic superheroes with one of our amazing superhero costumes. You’ll find all your favourite Marvel characters here. Whether it be Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and more. They are all available online and in our costume shop. What better time then Halloween to gather your friends and recreate a group of Marvel comic book super stars that can go out and save the world. You’ll find no shortages of superheroes here at PartyWorld. Buy one of our amazing Halloween costumes and you’ll take your fancy dress party by storm. Whether your looking for costume ideas or kids costumes, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Top 5 Male Superheroes

1. Batman

This detailed kids deluxe batman costume captures our caped crusader as seen in the film Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice (2016). Put on this kids Batman costume and take on the persona of the Dark Knight Batman himself. To help you in your crusade against Gotham’s criminals, PartyWorld has all Batman’s allied friends and fiendish enemies stowed away and available in stock right now.

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kids deluxe Batman costume

2. Spiderman

Capture the excitement of the Marvel Comics original! Once inside the jumpsuit, the padding and extra “muscle” will look and feel as if they are your own. You’re ready to take on New York and put those superhuman web slinging capabilities to the test in the all new Spiderman Ultimate costume.

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Spiderman ultimate costume

3. Superman

In this muscular padded kids deluxe Superman costume you’ll feel ready for whatever your nemesis Batman has to throw at you as you wrestle for supremacy in ‘Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice’. Become the most known and invincible(?) superheros of all time with our kids deluxe costume.

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Superman costume

4. Iron Man

Is it a man or machine or maybe both … it’s Iron Man. You’ll look cool, courageous and oh so bright in our officially licensed Iron Man costume. If your little one has always dreamed of becoming a superhero then this costume could be just for you. The outfit has everything your little boy needs to become Tony Shark in an instant.

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Iron Man costume

5. Wolverine

Before there was Wolverine there was weapon X. As a mutant with a powerful healing ability, Wolverine was targeted by a clandestine government program known as Weapon X. Become Xavier’s leader Wolverine and lead all the gifted mutants against the forces of fate and destiny to steer the course of history.

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Wolverine costume


Top 5 Female Superheroes

1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a DC comic book superhero and was a member of an all female tribe of Amazons. Wonder Woman’s powers include super strength, speed, stamina and flight. Wonder Woman is also highly proficient in hand to hand combat.

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Wonder Woman costume

2. Supergirl

Your aspiring young superhero is sure to look super cute in this crime busting Supergirl costume. As the dazzling heroine she’ll even out shine Superman in an officially licensed Supergirl Tutu costume.

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Super Girl costume

3. Batgirl

As the lady cape crusader you’ll be ready for the worst villains in Gotham. Be the snazziest cave dweller in the country when you wear this cool Batgirl costume. Crime rates in Gotham City will be bound to drop to their lowest ever levels when you begin patrolling the streets!

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4. Catwoman

Get your paws on this child’s Catwoman costume and start giving Batman a run for his money! Complete with a cat belt and cat mask, you’ll be all set to torment Gotham’s Caped Crusader. Will you be his enemy or join forces to confront the Joker?

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Catwoman costume

5. Spider Girl

May “Mayday Parker” is the child of Peter and Mary Jane Parker in an alternative future. Mayday shares traits of both her parents. Peter and Mary Jane initially forbid May from adopting her new role, but they soon realised that their protests were in vain and Peter chose to help teach his daughter the skills she would need to survive.

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Spider Girl costume


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