Spraoi 2014


Spraoi is Irish for fun. The annual Spraoi Festival is on the August Bank Holiday weekend. Spraoi International Street Arts Festival has been staged in Waterford since 1993. Three days each year, the people of Waterford take to the streets and enjoy an international programme of street arts and spectacle. The festival is staged on August Bank Holiday Weekend and always falls on the first Monday in August. The majority of the events are free and suitable for all ages.


Spraoi is perhaps best known for the annual Spraoi Festival which takes over the city centre of Waterford for the entire August Bank Holiday Weekend, and which now attracts audiences in excess of 80,000 people to the city. To that extent, there is no longer an August Bank Holiday Weekend in Waterford, it’s now better known locally as “The Spraoi Weekend”. The Spraoi Festival concentrates on showcasing top quality national and international street arts and world music.

Sproai Parade

The main attraction is the parade which is designed and created at Spraoi’s Studios located in Waterford City. It features hundreds of performers and includes floats, music and loads of volunteers. Typically the parade is create over a 2-3 month period before the festival. It attracts somewhere in the region of 40,000 spectators and is staged along a 1.5 km route through Waterford’s city centre.


The Parade will take place on Sunday August 3rd at 9.30pm with over 200 performers expected to take to the streets of Waterford and entertain the crowds. The Parade is created by a team of artists at Spraoi’s Waterford studios. This is a festival highlight, a feast for the imagination, followed by fireworks, not to be missed!

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