Some Special Effects Accessories

Some Special Effects Accessories


Black Tooth Out

Black Tooth Out. The Black Tooth Wax is used for blacking out, shortening or making teeth appear broken. The classic lost tooth look is achieved with the Black Tooth Out. Simply apply the Black Tooth Out to a dry tooth by using a toothpick or a similar instrument to shape to fit at the gum line and to clean from adjacent teeth, Lick to moisten the exposed wax surface and you’re set for hours.


Face Putty

The Face Putty can re-shape noses and facial features scars, wounds and lumps whatever the special effect Make Up your looking for, this Costume Makeup can do it. This is a classic special effects Fancy Dress Makeup used for creating super realistic looks.

Quantity Per Pack:
– 1 Pack of Face Putty.
– 1 Set of Instructions.

– 1 oz.


Horror Flesh

Look and feel the part with this cool Zombie Flesh Make Up. Now you can easily achieve that rotting cracked skin texture of the walking dead for a realistic appearance with our Horror Flesh. You’ll love how your flesh will look dead and infested with the contagious virus of the zombie.

Quantity Per Pack:
– 1 Tube Of Grey Horror Flesh.

– 28.3ml (1oz).


Grey Theatrical Hair

Choose from black, brown, grey or white theatrical hair! Have one hairy Halloween with our selection of Theatrical Hair. This Theatrical Hair comes in brown, black, white and grey and can be placed anywhere you want for a truly life like effect. Create your own beard and moustache in minutes with this easy to apply and remove 36″ Theatrical Hair.

Qantity Per Pack:
– One Grey Theatrical Hair Adhesive and one instructions.

36″ in lenght.


Scar and Nose Putty

Scar Make Up lets you create a unique look. Gangster, monster, ghoul contender ot tough guy you decide. Our Scar and Nose Putty contains a small tube of Scar and Nose Putty. This Scars Make Up can be used to make some face tranformations as for example a deformed nose, a scar, a cut the possibilities are endless.

Quantity Per Pack:
– 1 Tube Of Scar and Nose Putty.


Scar Skin

If a burnt, cut or torn skin look is required then this Scar Cream is just what you need. This putty will allow you to stimulate any skin scar you would like. The Skin Scar make up includes a pack of pre coloured make up putty which can be used to create any number of theatrical effects.

Quantity Per Pack:
– 1 Pack of Scar Skin.
– 1 Set of Instructions.

– 1 oz.


3 Pack Of Liquid Latex

3 Pack Of Liquid Latex. Liquid Latex is a staple of special effects makeup. Its simple basic application (paint it on) can provide seamless fake skin that can be peeled etc. It can be layered for thicker effects, used in substitution with spirit gum to apply prosthetics. Always shave any areas before applying liquid latex. You may not think you have hair on your hands, cheeks etc. I assure you that you do, and it will pull them out at the root.


Fang Fixing Putty

Fang Fixing Putty. If you are one of the many vampires who have a little difficulty getting your fangs to stay put, then this is probably just what you need. There is enough putty for several application. Instruction For Use: – Mix equal quantities of the two different coloured putties with your fingers. Work together until fully mixed. The mixture will start to set so work quite quickly. – Push a small amount into each fang cap and push onto your own teeth. Hold in place for 30 seconds and your own tooth mould is complete and will hold comfortably in place. – When reusing the caps moisten the insides so as to create a slight suction to hold them in place.


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