Soccer Themed Party Supplies

For all of you with soccer mad kids in the house who would love a Special Soccer Themed Party then Check out our List Below off our Soccer Themed Party Supplies. I’m sure you already know that the Premier League football season is back in full swing. And if you have a birthday party to plan over the coming weeks, why not take advantage of your child’s first love by holding a soccer themes party. It’s fun, easy to organize and won’t cost you an Massive transfer fee!

The Games for your Soccer Themed Party 

  1. Soccer Ball Pinata 
Soccer Ball Pinata

Soccer Themed Party Supplies

Soccer is becoming a favourite sport for kids all over the world. Whether boys or girls, they all love to play this fast sport. Surprise them with this Soccer Ball pinata for their next birthday party! Fill the Soccer Ball Pinata with sweets and party favors for a fun party game. All your party guests will love to take a swing at the Soccer Ball Pinata to release the hidden surprises inside. The Soccer Ball Pinata is 10in in height and 10in wide.The Soccer Ball Pinata is the perfect entertainment for all your Soccer Themed Party. Please Note: The Soccer Ball Pinata is sold empty.2.

2. Penalty Shoot Out Comp

Line the kids up into two teams and set up a goal at one end of the garden (away from all windows!) using anything from jumpers to 2 broom handles placed into the ground. The goal of this game is to be the first team to score twenty penalties…. with no goal keeper in goal!

Sounds easy? Not quite!

When each penalty taker approaches the penalty spot they must be blind folded and spun around three times just to make things more difficult!

Decorations for the Soccer Themed Party Supplies

Decorating for a kids soccer party couldn’t be easier! Check out our list below of Soccer Themed Party Supplies


Whilst the half time orange slices are definitely a must, we all know that the kids have come expecting sweet treats! Football themes cakes are readily available in any bakeries. Another treat can double as your prizes for the games – chocolate medals!

A soccer theme party is sure to be a hit with all your soccer mad guests. Just remember to always have an indoor plan B just in case the rain makes an appearance.

Oh…. an mind those windows!





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