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Best Techniques

Important information from Snazaroo Facepaint Ireland
Before you start face painting check that the child/children have no skin allergies or infections. Although Snazaroo professional water based face paint is non-toxic and highly tested, never paint someone’s face if any kind of skin problem is suspected. If in doubt, try a little on the inside of his or her wrist and leave it for approximately 60 minutes to see if a reaction develops.

Make sure your face paints are presented on a clean towel and that you have a good supply of water for washing brushes and sponges between faces.
There is no need to put any cream or moisturizer on the skin before you begin. Water based face paint is best applied directly onto clean, dry skin.
You may wish to keep the hair away from the face with a hair band or clips.
Always apply the base colour first, using a damp sponge. Make sure that the sponge is not too wet by squeezing out excessive water or the finished result may be streaky.
To achieve a deeper colour, allow the first coat to dry and then apply a second coat.
On designs that have a variety of light and dark colours, apply the lighter colour first, if possible.
When applying colour with a brush, keep strokes even and work in continuous lines. Avoid the temptation to sketch. Confidence will come with practice.
Note: Water based face paint is also great for body painting! Use brushes to paint rings on fingers, wrist watches and bracelets on arms, or a huge tattoo – the effects can be stunning.
Maintaining your face painting kit
In order to get the best results Snazaroo Facepaint Ireland recommend these basic tips.

  1. When storing or using the kit, keep it in a cool place out of sunlight. Always make sure your materials and face paint containers are cleaned at the end of every session. Store your materials in a dry clean state with lids on all containers.
  2. When finishing a session, wipe any excess moisture from the surface of the paints and store with the lids on.
  3. Brushes should be rinsed well in hot water and left to dry before putting away.
  4. Sponges should be washed well in hot soapy water and left to dry before putting away.
  5. Face paint which has been used for more than eighteen months should be discarded.
  6. Discard badly stained or damaged brushes and sponges.

What do I need to start Face Painting? 

You can paint a fantastic face from the first time you pick up a face painting brush. With only a few colours and simple strokes, it really is easy to create simple designs that children will love. Then, with practice, you can learn to create incredibly detailed works of art.

You will not need to buy vast amounts of expensive equipment, but the following items are essential.

Essential Tools:

• Water based face paints – you can choose from individual pots of colour or a standard 8 colour palette. We recommend you start with at least the three primary colours: red, yellow, blue, plus a black and white, this way you will be able to create other colours by mixing them. If you need some help mixing colours you can purchase our 28 page face painting guide which includes a mixing chart to give you a helping hand.

• Sponges – we suggest using a high density sponge as this type of sponge will give you better coverage and reduce any streaking. When using a sponge try cutting one into wedges as this will give you a fine edge as well as a broad surface.

• Brushes – Use brushes for the finer details. Snazaroo brushes are made from Toray and they are one of the best types of brushes for face painting as they give more control. They are made from synthetic fibres and are therefore much less expensive than sable brushes.

• Bowl of water – to rinse your sponges and brushes.


Other useful tools and accessories:

• Glitter gels – Glitter is one of those things which is questionable whether it is essential or not, as every little girl loves to have some sparkle on their design!

• Glitter dusts – to add that extra dimension and sparkle to your creations.

• Iridescent powders – add some extra shimmer to your designs. Iridescent powders work really well as a base and give a lovely shimmer. You can just brush it on like blusher or add some water to give you a bold dazzling design. To use wet: try putting a small amount of powder in your lid and add a very small amount of water until it forms a thick liquid; this will create a fabulous shiny liquid and can be used to create a great bold shiny outline, perfect for those girly designs!  However, remember to wash your lid before screwing it back on!

• Hair band or clips to keep hair away from the face.

• Small Towel – to keep your hands clean.

• Stencils – these are always helpful if you’re not particularly confident at painting freehand.

• Mirror – so your model can admire their finished creation!
Quality & Safety

Here at Snazaroo, we are passionate about face painting and the quality & safety of our products. That’s why Snazaroo is the first choice of many parents, children, and professional face painters!

Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin and are fragrance free.

All our face paints have been reviewed by an independent professor of dermatology and professional toxicologists. However, we recommend that before you start, you try a small test area on the inside of the arm.

At Snazaroo we believe in making our products completely safe, therefore you can rest assured that all Snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only approved ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulation and are non-toxic.

All Snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations, and are non-toxic.

Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin and are fragrance-free.

Snazaroo face paints are all water based. This makes them as easy to get off as they are to put on. Simply remove with soap and warm water; there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers. Please remember that due to the high pigment contents some colours may stain fabric.
Great Colours
Face painting is all about looking good and having fun. Our face paints offer a great variety of vibrant colours. They go on easily and dry quickly so you can easily complete a design in less than 5 minutes!

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