Show Your Colours – Face Paint Tutorial

With the second group games over and with some teams nearly on the plane home, you might only have one more chance to support your team at the world cup. England are out of the Word Cup with only one group game left with Costa Rica and no chance in qualifying so now is your last chance to support England at a World Cup for at least another 4 years. Portugal grabbed a late equaliser against America last night to make it 2-2 in the the 94th minute which gives them a slight chance of getting out of the group but they need to beat Ghana by a few goals and hope Germany don’t draw with America. The French team have probably looked the most impressive team at the world cup along with Chile even though the French team had two relatively easier games against Honduras and Switzerland. As for the host nation Brazil, they have been less than impressive with a controversial win over Croatia and a draw that ended 0-0 with Mexico but with their final group game against Columbia they should easily make the last 16.

As you can see depending on who your supporting, you might only have one game left in the world cup and if it is, you better enjoy it as who knows when you’ll be back, just ask any Irish fan. With that in mind we think you should go all out and support your team in style. Below are a few easy steps you can follow on how to paint some national flags on your face, while the models in the instructions are kids we still recommend all you adults reading this  join in the fun to.

I’ll start with Brazil as they are hosting the 2014 World Cup.

Brazil Flag Using Face Paint

thumb_brazil flag d324_thumb.jpg

What you’ll need:

If you can’t find the exact colour specified in the instructions, we have plenty of different variations of yellow, green, blue face paints and they can all be found in our Face Paint section of our website.

Step 1

Using Blue face paint and a damp sponge, draw a circle on the center of the face.

brazil flag a.jpg
Step 2

With bright yellow face paint and a brush, draw a diamond shape outside the blue circle.

brazil flag b.jpg
Step 3

Using green face paint and the brush, draw a neat line around the yellow shape then fill in the rest using the sponge

brazil flag c.jpg
Step 4

Finally, with the white face paint, draw a diagonal line and dots inside the blue circle.

brazil flag d.jpg
In the next tutorial, Show Your Colours – Face Paint Tutorial Part 2, I’ll be showing you how to create the Portuguese and American Flags. 
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