Pink Power Ranger Costume

Sabans Pink Ranger Costume for Kids

Morph into the Saban Pink Ranger  and leave behind the ordinary day-to-day world of small-town Angel Grove. As Kimberly Hart, your sleek pink jumpsuit with its slashes of neon blue will send out a strong signal you’re here to save the planet.

Saban Pink Ranger Costume Contains:
– A neon pink and blue screen printed jumpsuit.
– A moulded half mask.

Size Available:
Large – Age 7 to 8 Years Old.
Medium – Age 5 to 6 Years Old.
Small – Age 3 to 4 Years Old.

Kimberly used to be Queen Bee of Angel Grove High, but has been cast out of the popular clique and is now struggling to find her identity. She has a new rebel-without-a-cause, edgy attitude, but this front is hiding a secret that makes her feel deeply vulnerable. Kimberly is very confident and speaks her mind. Kimberly Ann Hart is a fictitious character in the Power Rangers universe. Played by actress Amy Jo Johnson during the first three seasons of the show, plus on the two feature films of the franchise, Kimberly has the longest tenure of any female ranger in the series’ history, and fourth overall. She is possibly the best remembered as the first Pink Ranger and first Pink Ninja Ranger from the first entry of the franchise Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.[1] Kimberly was the Pink Ranger for nearly three years before she was written off the show as having given up her powers for good to Zordon’s new alumna Katherine Hillard.


POWER RANGERS Everybody loves the Pink Ranger (2017) Interview with the cast

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2017 Film

Naomi Scott as Kimberly in 2017 film Power Rangers.

Kimberly appears in the 2017 film adaptation, played by English actress Naomi Scott. A former ‘mean girl’ cheerleader at the school, Kimberly was removed from the cheerleading team and punished with detention for the remainder of the year after leaking a photograph of an ex-teammate, and former friend, in a compromising position. The largely negative reaction to the photograph forces Kimberly to realize how cruel her actions were for the first time. After falling out with her old friends, she cuts her hair short to represent the desire for change and new beginnings. Later that night she hikes up the mountains near the mining quarry and goes swimming to clear her head. She runs into Jason, who gave Billy a ride up to the quarry earlier that evening, and is subsequently present when Billy blows up the cliff side revealing the Power Coins. When the team is unable to morph, Kimberly confides in Jason that she believes she is the cause, as she cannot bring herself to tell her personal story to the team. He consoles her and tells her to be the person she wants to be and to not let past mistakes define her. Kimberly eventually joins the Rangers in battle against Goldar and Rita.

In the teaser trailer, Kimberly is shown to be romantically involved with Jason when they kiss in his room, though this scene didn’t appear in the film.

Amy Jo Johnson makes a cameo appearance alongside Jason David Frank at the conclusion of the film as part of a crowd of civilians watching the battle between the newly-formed Megazord and Rita’s monster, Goldar.


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