Masquerade Masks


Masquerade Masks are very popular, especially when throwing a Masquerade Ball. These masks are elegant in their design as they feature fantastic designs and spectacular colours. Alot of thought can go into deciding on what masquerade masks you could like to wear to a party as you try to match the mask with your party attire. With a wide range of Masquerade Masks available, we’re sure you will find the perfect one for you.

The history of the masquerade mask is intertwined with the history of the festive season of Carnival. During this religious celebration, people crowd the streets in costume to party before Lent. The costumes include ostentatious masks of all shapes and sizes. The design of masquerades masks is fairly simple — the mask covers the top half of the wearer’s face and is sometimes attached to a handle. Today masquerade masks are also worn at non-religious costume parties or at Halloween


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