Loom Band Dress sells for thousands

You may have heard about the Loom Band Dress on Ebay that is being auctioned for over £170 k, If you haven’t heard of it that’s ok cause I’m about to tell you. The Loom Band dress is exactly has it sounds like, its a dress made entirely out of Loom Bands. If you haven’t heard of Loom Bands before check out our previous blog all about Loom Bands Here.

Loom Band dress

Dress made from Loom Bands

The dress consists of 20,000 Loom Bands and took three and half weeks to make. The ad was placed on ebay and quickly gained attention from all over and last time of checking it had 137 bids with the highest bid of £170,100.00. The dress itself is described as a multi coloured dress made from Loom Bands.

Loom Band Bracelet

Loom Band Bracelet

The Loom Bands that are used to make the dress are tiny elastic bands that are linked together to create a chainmail effect. The Loom Bands cost next to nothing are are normally used to create low-cost jewellery, like necklaces or bracelets. Loom Bands are not without some controversy as they have been banned from some schools as they are deemed distracting to the students.


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