How to create super bouncy Balls

It’s the summer time and the kids are at home driving you mad and its tricky to keep them entertained every day. To solve that problem I’ve come across a simple activity that should keep them entertained for awhile. In this blog I’m going to show you how to create a super bouncy ball just by using water balloons.

Bouncy Ball

Finished Bouncy Ball

What you’ll need is a packet of water balloons. Once you have the water balloons, first you’ll need to fill one of the balloons with a small amount of water, then tie the balloon and cut off the excess when the knot is tied.

For the next step, take the other balloons and cut off the long end that you normally use to tie the balloon. Depending on what size will fit better, cut off less first and if you need to cut off more then you can.

Cut Balloon

Cut off end of balloon

Now you can start creating the super bouncy ball. With the water balloon you filled earlier, put it into the balloon you cut just moments ago, be sure to cover the water balloon where the knot is.

filled water balloon

Cover the filled water balloon

Continue covering the water balloon with more layers until you have a decent sized ball. As you had more layers the ball will become more durable. Now all that’s left to do is bounce the ball as high as you can.

Bouncy Ball

Ball ready to bounce

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