Harmony Hippie Costume

Spread the message of peace and love in our Harmony Hippie Costume. The 60’s colorful and go get it attitude lives and breathes in this fantastic Harmony Hippie Costume.

Harmony Hippie Costume Contains:
– An off the shoulder long sleeved top.
– A brown fringed waistcoat.
– A pair of blue denim like trousers with a colourful bell bottom flare.
Harmony Hippie Costume Sizes Available:
Extra Large – Dress Size 20 – 22.
Large – Dress Size 16 – 18.
Medium – Dress Size 12 – 14.
Small – Dress Size 8 – 10.
Our Harmony Hippie Costumes are far out there. Feel the vibes of the 1960s in our Fancy Dress Costumes inspired by a time when peace and love were the message and Woodstock was the place to be. Show them why peace and love triumph over all, and become a bohemian beauty wearing the Women’s Sexy Harmony Hippie Costume

The definition of a hippie was a young person during the 1960’s or early 1970’s who went against generally accepted values of society with many turning to actions like communal living.

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