Face Painting Tips For Birthday Parties

Face painting can used for a variety of events and occasions on any age group or gender. When you use face paint, you can transform into someone or something else for a day. All that limits you in deciding what you want to transform into is your imagination as anything is possible. Whether its Halloween, a birthday party, festival, sporting event or your just in the mood for some fun, when your paint your face your guaranteed to have extra fun.


Face Painting Tips

When its Halloween its time to break free and let your imagination run wild. First off, make sure you have face paints that are ok for your skin, we would recommend Snazaroo face paint or Smiffy’s face paint. You should also purchase some brushes and a sponge as it makes applying face paints easier and gives better results. When doing multi layered designs, be sure to let the underlying layer dry before starting the next layer as it could run you design. Also make sure you keep your brushes clean by having a bowl of water next to you at all times, this prevents mixing of unwanted colours.

Next Step is to think of some cool ideas. They can be really simple or really hard and complex. When you think of a good design, it might be a good idea to draw it out on paper first to get some practice in and to finalise your design. When you think your ready to start painting on someone’s face just remember to take you time and not rush. Another tip is to not paint think layers onto the face as this can cause the paint to crack, instead just use use thin layers and if you need to paint over it again just wait till the layer has dried first. Also, keep a mirror on hand as the person who’s face you just painted will want to see the final outcome.

Now that we’ve given you some tips, here are some design to help you get started. Just remember to let you imagination run wild.



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skeleton face paint


rabbit face paint




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