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The first round of matches have finished and the 2014 FIFA World Cup is in full swing. Even though Ireland aren’t taking part, this is one of the most enjoyable World Cups to date with nearly every match having goals expect the odd 0-0 scoreline. Usually the opening matches can be a cagey affair with neither team wanting to lose and making qualification that much harder but the teams aren’t siting back and holding onto a draw but rather pushing forward to get that crucial win and the valuable 3 points on the board as Switzerland proved in their game with Ecuador where Switzerland got the winner in the 93rd minute to make it 2-1.


Last night on RTE before kick off to the host nations second group game, there was some controversy caused by the ever controversial football pundit Eamon Dunphy as he thought he was off air, he uttered an explicit word which he later apologized for any offence he might have caused.

Eamon Dunphy Mask

Eamon Dunphy Mask

With England playing in one of their most important matches in recent years, which if they lose will mean the end to their World Cup, the game on Thursday night will be one to watch as they face Uruguay and Luis Suarez of Liverpool in what promises to be an exciting game.

As Ireland are not in the World Cup it can still be fun to adopt another nation to support and in some companies they run a competition where employees pick a random team from a hat and then have prizes for where the team you got finishes the tournament. With that in mind why not embrace your new found country and support them with some of their national colours. While we don’t have any official world cup party ware or decorations we have some suggestions that will help you throw a great world cup party. For example we have a range of coloured party ware that can be used to represent the country you are supporting at the World Cup so you can mix and match to get your desired result. We also have soccer themed party ware that can add to your Party.

PartyWorlds Coloured PartyWare

Solid Colour Party Ware

So whether you will be throwing a World Cup party or not, we’re sure you will enjoy this World Cup as we at PartyWorld are.







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