Back to the 80s Party Theme

Thinking of throwing an 80’s theme party? Our 80s party will show you how to throw the perfect theme party. With the music, movies and TV shows from the 80’s, there’s an unlimited amount of ideas you can come up with to make your party stand out from the rest.


With such memorable pop stars like Duran Duran, Wham, Madonna and Bananarama you could say 80’s fashion was defined by its music. From the music came frilly shirts, super skinny ties and layered mesh and lace ensembles. Along with the fashion came the make-up for both men and women. Eye-liner, lipstick, glittery eye shadow and hair mousse was the norm for any male trying to replicate what their favourite 80’s artist was wearing. When looking for ideas for a costume, leg warmers, rubber bracelets and sideways ponytails were all the rage while Miami Vice led the way when it came to male attire and facial hair.

80s clothes


You’ll want to transport your guests back to the 80’s when they arrive at the party venue so your going to need great 80’s decorations. For your 80’s decorations, they’ll need to be colourful. Neon colours were very popular during the 80’s and if you can incorporate neon colours into your party then all the better. You can also decorate the walls by using posters of bands from the 80’s or movie posters.



To keep everyone entertained your going to need some fun activities. One fun activity you could do is get your guests to lip-synch to some of the most popular songs from the 80’s. Another music based activity you could try is have a moonwalking contest or just a straight up dance off. If dancing isn’t your thing, then you can keep your guests entertained by putting on some of your favourite 80’s films such as Back to the future or The Breakfast Club. Trivial Pursuit was big during the 80’s so why not revive it for one more night and split your guests into teams, your guaranteed to have fun all night.


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