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Dust off your leg warmers, muscle shirts and AquaNet teased hair, its time to celebrate the best decade yet, the 80’s! The most obvious 80’s costumes usually involve leg warmers or tights, big hair with ribbons, baggy sweatshirts, and bright coloured mini skirts for the girls, while the guys usually have some kind of long hair or mullets, mesh shirts, and leather pants or acid wash jeans.


You could have 80’s stuff laying around your party such as the candy that everyone remembers from their youth like Razzles, ring pops, pop rocks, blow pops, candy cigarettes and bazooka gum. For the table centrepiece you could have a boom box with cassettes, Reese’s Pieces, and troll dolls, all on an Atari Space Invaders tablecloth and for party favors, you could have a bowl of cool shades and Rubik’s cubes.

Here are some really creative costume ideas for the party – Adam Ant, the Wham couple, Madonna wannabes, Miami Vice dude, Valley Girls, Flashdancers and hair band rockers. Other 80s icons we thought would be fun to dress up as were Magnum PI, J.R. Ewing, Bill Cosby, the Beastie Boys, Annie Lennox, Michael Jackson, Max Headroom, and Cyndie Lauper, there are so many fun possibilities to creating an 80’s look.


You will want the 80’s music flowing all night long during your 80’s party, so load up on the top hits from the 80s. Its best to keep it up beat. While you might have been a big fan of Air Supply, that is not really the kind of rockin music that will get a party going. That does not mean just playing dance music from the likes of Rick Astley, Madonna, or Expose. In the 80’s, everyone loved to dance to rock music, so make sure and play plenty of Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, A-Ha, Prince, etc..

You will also want to decorate the rooms your 80’s party will take place in. You can find all your 80’s party decorations at www.partyworld.ie

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