How to throw Emoji Party

How to throw Emoji Party

I’ve scoured the web for tons of the coolest ideas for How to throw an Emoji Party that kids will love. An array of expressive faces to punctuate sentences adds a little extra personality to the texts that fly among tweens. And what better way to feed their love of these itty-bitty digital faces than by hosting a birthday bash where kids can really get in touch with their emoji-onal side?

Michelle Petersen, the blogger behind “The Mumsy Blog” shows us how to throw an emoji party. You can find all of her ideas and tutorials

Emoji Party Treats and Food Ideas

Emoji cake ideas and dessert inspiration for an Emoji Party. From birthday and graduation parties to school events, an emoji party theme is fun for all!

food ideas for a Emoji party

How to throw a emoji party

from Instagram user amirahkassem

Emoji cupcakes #diymeals #emoji #cupcakes:

Home made Emoji cupcakes

Emoji birthday cake for Madison’s 10th birthday!

Emoji Birthday Party with Happy Face Emoticons

How to Throw Emoji Birthday Party

Emoji Party Activities and Decorations

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