Baby Boy Christening Double Bubble Balloon

Balloons can create a beautiful setting for your Christening celebrations. So why not make your special day magical by transforming your venue with these some baby boy christening double bubble balloons.

Most people love balloons as fast, easy and fun way to decorate for theme parties, showers, wedding, festival events, or any occasion they want. That’s because nothing says “celebration” like balloons which vary in color, shape and size. And beautiful balloons are impressive because they create both dramatic and high visual impact. Stunning balloons will transform your great venue into a fantastic venue guaranteed to WOW your guests as they walk in. Celebrate the seasons with balloons. We have cute characters, Delightful gifts and Magical Decor. You can choose your design from our balloon menu and just pick your favourite balloon from our balloon wall

Baby Boy Christening Double Bubble Balloons are made from stretchy plastic, with one or more smaller plastic shapes inside. Both come deflated. Balloon comes with ribbon pre-attached. Size: 24″ (61cm). Suitable for air or helium inflation, however we recommend helium for best results. Please see our range of disposable canisters to fill your Baby Boy Christening Double Bubble Balloons

Check out our video on YouTube to see the completed design


So if your having a Party we have something for every occasion, balloon Bouquets, Table Center pieces, balloon gifts, Balloon characters, Dance floors and Entrance Decor.
Enter the Magical Realm of balloons. Qualatex balloons are often referred to as “the very Best Balloons”. Recent research showed that more than 80% of balloon professionals choose Qualatex brand. Qualatex balloons are known for their quality, colour range and coordination also the inflate larger and float longer.the latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex with no artificial fillers. They’re safe for the environment and actually biodegrade at about the same rate as an oak leaf.


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